Morning! I was in the hospital and had the surgery. When my doctor gave me permission to drink, my cousin brought me a bottle of water. I drank the water after surgery like all other patients. 2 days later I was ready to go home (the doctor was very surprised by that). I didn’t feel the after-effects of anesthesia, I’ve recuperated very fast.  Then my cousin told me that it was light water ‘Vividi’, and explained that it helps to eliminate an anesthesia quickly and gives energy. I felt myself a miracle effect of this water.

Two or three times a week I play sports badminton. This sport requires stamina, concentration and precision in movement. I can say that if I drink “ViViDi” before and during the game, I take 5-7 more points in a game against stronger opponents. And sometimes (offensive for them) I win. After light water consumption I start feeling its effect almost immediately, and it remains noticeable for half an hour – 1 hour. By the way, I can’t play more than an hour without “ViViDi”, and if I drink it, I remain active and energetic even after 1,5 hours.

I work in JSC Legkaya Voda. My son Antosha 2.5 years old (you can see a photo of him on this website in ‘Recommendations’) was knocked down by a huge dog (Alabai), his elbow was grazed by dog’s teeth. Antosha became capricious, and threw tantrums once or twice a day. Against the background of our other attempts to change the situation for the better, it became clear that when he drank ‘Vividi’, the situation has markedly improved, and if there was a couple of days break - tantrums returned. Now two months later everything is alright, thank God. And without light water Antosha is just a little more cranky, than when he drinks it.

I would like to share my experience of light water application. I learned about light water and its properties few years ago. But since I didn’t know where to buy it, I just took note of this information. 2 years later my friends presented me a 19-liter bottle of light water, and said that they consume it regularly and are very pleased with the results. My work requires regular business meetings. Of course, they are accompanied by drinking of alcoholic beverages, and after that I recover for a long time. Therefore, an occasion to test the action of light water turned up quickly. Having arrived home after the next meeting, I drank two glasses of light water and went to bed, expecting a severe hangover in the morning. However, when I woke up, I was surprised to find out that I have no awful unpleasant symptoms of a hangover. When I had arrived to the office, I could immediately get into gear. Now I always use light water after the feasts.

The second occasion of successful use of light water turned up when I caught a bad cold. I suffered from severe coughing, runny nose, and weakness. 10 days later I was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia. My work doesn’t allow me to be ill for a long time, and the prescribed medicine helped not really – I decided to drink light water. Moreover, I had no desire to be in hospital. In two days I noticed the health improvement and increase of working efficiency, but I continued to drink light water. Two weeks later I visited the doctor. The X-ray showed no obvious signs of pneumonia.

When I was at an early stage of pregnancy, I bought several 19-liter bottles of light water and drank it more or less regularly. The result was not long in coming - у меня действительно появлялись силы, I was not sleepy, and had an excellent mood (women in an interesting condition can understand me!).  I didn’t suffer from toxicosis at all, and became very calm. Я  считаю, что однозначно мне придало сил, бодрости и прекрасного настроения исключительно употребление легкой воды! Now my daughter Taisia is 5 month old, and I simply can’t stop doting on her. Thank God she is healthy and very inquisitive.
Veronica and little Taya

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