What is light water?

Nature of water

That's natural water which is completely or partially cleared of heavy water. In its lightest and purest version it's basically the true H2O. «Lightness» of water may be practically measured.

What is heavy water?

Nature of water Effect of ViViDi

That's water, yet not  H2O, but for instance HDO,  where D stands for deuterium, or H2O18, where O18 is heavy oxygen. 


There is an 'extra' neutron (could be actually more than just one) hidden in a heavy water molecule. Human body uses heavy water like the normal H2O, but the former slows down all the biochemical reactionsBasic biochemical reactions can decelerate up to 400 times. Body's energy reactions are sequential, which means if there is a problem at least in one spot, then the whole ATP production chain freezes; i.e., life energy output stops. As a result, each cell's efficiency and energy level plummet leading to general negative body impact, hence raising disease risk probability. The list of potential illnesses practically engulfs all the possible health issues.

At the present time are proved:

- depression;

- diabetes of the 2nd type;

- cancer;

- infectious diseases (caused by the weakening of immunity). 

On the basis of the American statistics are practically proved (just experiments on animals are required):

- coronary heart disease;

- hypertensia;

- myocardial infarction;

- stroke;

- obesity;

- and even age-related loss of teeth.

Impotence, chronic fatigue syndrome and burnout syndrome also have their evidence base. 

Where have you found so much snow?

Production of ViViDi

It is proved that snow melt water is useful only because it is light. Therefore at our enterprise the natural water cycle is modeled, and water better than melted snow is produced.

How do you establish the price of light water?

Water comparison

The price corresponds to the quality of production. Unique production which is based on the method of low-temperature vacuum rectification has no analogues in the world and requires a lot of energy.

How do you use heavy water, which you get as a byproduct during the production?

Nature of water

We return back the natural water from artesian horizons even more pure in chemical and bacterial composition. The concentration of heavy water in the returned water is not higher than in the surface waters of the region.

Your attitude towards structured or charged water etc.?

Water comparison

We respect what other people do, but for ourselves we have chosen the path of strict evidentiary science. In this case our scientific statements should be based on publications in reviewed scientific journals, preferably American or West European (for example). We do not judge marketing with unscientific or even made-up evidences, but it is not our business.

Why do you call light water ‘dietary’ – does it help to lose weight?

Effect of ViViDi

Diet is an exception of any undesirable substances from consumption. Fried, fatty, salty foods, foods with rapidly digested carbohydrates – all of these may be restricted by a particular diet. 

Heavy water is the same undesirable element. Its daily intake is comparable with intake of all useful and harmful salts with food and drinking. The diet of light water does not require physical effort. This diet is pleasant and easy.

Weight loss is a difficult process and it strongly depends on person’s behavior. That’s why we need wide statistics. And we have it! Millions of Americans, without even knowing it, have proven that there is a relationship between the person’s body weight and the lightness of water, which this person drinks. According to the analysis of official statistics of the Ministry of Health of the USA, in the states where people live in areas with a high content of heavy water the level of reported obesity is 30% higher. Heavy water prevents the organism from being healthy and slim.


Why do you think that I'll drink ViViDi?

Effect of ViViDi

Because you love yourself and prefer to drink water which has fewer harmful contaminants including heavy water. 

What did you do to confirm the effectiveness of water?

Production of ViViDi

Within the last 50 years, the leading research institutes in Hungary, Japan, China, France, the USA and other countries have been studying biological properties of light and heavy water. A number of researches was conducted in scientific institutions of our country – including RAS, Federal State unitary enterprise State Research Institute of Highly Pure Biopreparations of the Federal Medico-Biological agency , Scientific Research Institute of Human Morphology, Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. All of them have shown that light drinking water affects living organisms positively. That’s why we are responsible for each word on ViViDi’s label. 

Why light drinking water appeared on the market only recently?

Production of ViViDi

Heavy water was discovered about 80 years ago, and initially was used in military industry and in nuclear power plants. Everything associated with isotopes and heavy water was classified worldwide. Somehow the military had no time to investigate biological properties of light and heavy water. Nobody attached them a great value.

In the 90th a group of Hungarian and Romanian scientists set up business connected with light water after studying the first Soviet publications about the use of melt water. Within 20 years they have gathered solid evidential statistics on the role of light water in treatment and prevention of cancer.

Foreign scientists use in experiments light water from nuclear power plants where it is produced as a byproduct during the production of heavy water. And only in Russia the world’s first enterprise for the direct production of light water was created. The technology is quite complex and energy intensive, which determines the high cost and limited production volume.

How much light water should I drink to feel its effect?

Effect of ViViDi

Subjective feelings when drinking ViViDi Snow light water are the same as when drinking very pure water. Taste, smell and color are absent.

For best results ViViDi Snow should be consumed regularly. The effect of constant drinking of ViViDi Snow is confirmed by statistics (including the US).You’ll just feel better, and diseases will pass.

When receiving ViViDi Antarctica, even once, more than half of consumers feel an immediate burst of energy and efficiency, they also improve their athletic performance. For each person it’s a decrease in risks of sickness, and also additional energy for life.

Where ViViDi is produced?

Production of ViViDi

ViViDi is produced in our own specialized production base located at JSC "Almaz" (Kotovsk). Each installation passes certification testing of our own laboratory before commissioning.

Production of light water is an energy-intensive process: that’s why we seek development and continuous improvement of production technology. New highly efficient installations are permanently constructed and put into operation.

Is it possible to give ViViDi to children and elderly people?

Effect of ViViDi

Yes, ViViDi can be used like any other mineral water for daily use, i.e.without age restrictions, but in accordance with the standard age norms of water consumption.

May ViViDi be combined with taking medications, vitamins and nutritional supplements?

Effect of ViViDi

Yes, it is possible and desirable, because ViViDi is an excellent assistant for an organism in fight against many diseases. ViViDi is an excellent dietary element in the process of restoring your health and has no restrictions in use. 

Has ViViDi any contraindications and side effects?

Effect of ViViDi

ViViDi is truly clean water. And can you have contraindications to drinking pure water?

Decrease in the content of heavy molecules in drinking water provides a positive effect on the organism.

In addition, the highly pure light water ViViDi, without introducing any undesirable impurities into the human body, intensely removes toxins, hazardous substances and elements received from food, polluted air or low-quality water.

May I use ViViDi in preparation of food or drink?

Properties of ViViDi

Of course, it is desirable to use such high quality water for cooking and drinks. However, it should be borne in mind that drinking light water in combination with alcohol increases the effect of the latter, so you should be careful with it. 

Does ViViDi have distinctive taste?

Properties of ViViDi

In general, ViViDi has no specific taste – there are no impurities or flavorings in it. However, many people consider that light water is tastier than regular water and it also “feels cleaner”.

Do your installations remove bacteria from the water?

Production of ViViDi

Sure. ViViDi is genuinely pure in all respects. In addition to being light, ViViDi is free from bacteria, toxic compounds and any contaminants.

Are household filters effective?

Nature of water

Household filters remove only dirt and are not able to remove bacteria and heavy water molecules.

Besides any attempts associated with freezing-thawing of water at home cannot remove heavy water.

Does ViViDi lose its useful properties when heat treated?

Properties of ViViDi

No, heat treatment only slightly changes the characteristics of ViViDi Snow water. It can be boiled and consumed in boiled form, if necessary.

ViViDi Antarctica is more sensitive. After appropriate measurements we will publish the results.

Does light water exist in nature?

Nature of water

There is no ‘genuine light water’ (with 0 ppm deuterium) in nature. Any natural water contains some light water molecules. The lightest water on Earth, formed as a result of natural atmospheric processes, is the snow in Antarctica. Naturally, inaccessibility and huge prime cost of this water does not allow to use it as drinking water. 

More light water (deeply cleaned of heavy water) may be obtained in large quantities only by artificial means – by complicated purification of heavy water. Such cleaning imitates the processes occurring with water in the atmosphere, but with greater efficiency. ‘ViViDi’ water even surpasses glacial Antarctic water in purity (lightness) slightly.

There is living water, melt water, oxygen water, water with magnesium, water with silver. Is that good or bad? And tap water? And filters or osmosis?

Water comparison

Living water

Any water is living – life on Earth without water is impossible. And only light water has the useful properties of fabulous living water.

Melt water

Melt water is useful, because genuine melt water is already light water. All its unusual properties are associated only with its lightness. But in the Russian and world market we could not find melt water, which would correspond to the statement on the label. We’ve found only usual water and marketing.

Water with magnesium and other additives

Scientific fact is that the organism should ‘allow’ accepting cations of magnesium, calcium and other nutrients at the level of biochemistry.

Therefore, mineral water will exert its positive effect only if there is an enablling signal. Heavy water impairs the passage of the signal, because increasing of concentration of heavy water worsens the signal/noise ratio. That’s why mineral waters from light water areas (for example, mountain) or ones based on light water – ViViDi – are more effective. 

Water with silver

Although silver has a sublime image in folk and marketing tales, this is a heavy metal, and there is rather strict standard of its maximum allowable concentration. Ions of silver have proven antibacterial action, but with the same success we can drink diluted Miramistin®.

Tap water

In many cities and countries it is quite suitable for drinking without additional processing. The quality of tap water depends mainly on the quality of a pipeline network and on the lightness of water in a water intake point.

An interesting side result was obtained during the experiments with light water on mice in the New University of Lisbon. Mice which consumed control Moscow tap water felt and behaved much better than the ones which consumed Lisbon tap water. With approximately identical salt composition the Moscow water was lighter than the Lisbon one.

As for filters – they do their work, but do not change the lightness of water.

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis in fact also acts as a filter, but it affects the salt composition of the source water. As a result, the water needs remineralization. Without recovery of the salt composition this water is harmful.

How light water affects the organism?

Effect of ViViDi

Н2О light water is the basis of life. Every living creature is positively affected not by water itself, but by the reduction of heavy molecules in it. The organism begins to use the unleashed forces (previously limited by harmful heavy water) on solving pressing health problems. Therefore the effect of light water on a relatively healthy person can vary. For example, it can result in:

- stress tolerance, help with depression;

- reducing the negative impact of harmful substances and toxins received from food and air (this effect can be compared to a relocation from a big polluted city to a house situated near a clean pine forest);

- prevention of a hangover after alcohol intoxication;

- excellent help in fight against “chronic fatigue syndrome”;

- enhancements of immunity and cancer prevention;

- compensation of negative factors of air flight (radiation, jetlag, acclimatization, fear of flight, other stresses);

- and many other useful things.

As a result, you look great and feel great. 

On the market we already have clean water that is cheaper, proven and is produced by better-known firms. Why should we overpay?

Water comparison

The concept of water purity is actually much more complex than just the absence of impurities and contaminants. «Pure water» (as it is understood by most of the people) is not actually pure. Molecular composition of water is also important. Only light water is the purest water available today. Our company is the only one who possesses a complete cycle and patents for production of light water.

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