Within Almaz-Timantti scientific and production association, the first-ever large-scale and scalable production of light water with a full cycle of its purification from heavy water fractions has been created.

The scientific division of the company is composed of leading Russian biochemists working in the sphere of cell energetics signal system. The work is performed in close collaboration with Department of Pharmacology of Oxford University, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, New University of Lisbon, Maastricht University, «Neurotar» laboratory in the University of Helsinki.

We have significantly contributed to the recognition which heavy and light water’ influence on life quality gained from the global scientific community. Scientists of the world’s leading scientific centers trust the quality of the light water produced in Russia by JSC Almaz.

Mission of the company

To introduce a new scale and the standard of water purity to the world.

To show all the people that reduction of heavy water consumption will lead to better quality of life and significant increase in its average duration due to augmented resilience to diseases and reduced influence of negative environmental and social factors, including stress.

Purposes and plans

Gradual and parallel creation of a new product line and distribution structure in a partnership.

Building the system of confidence in development and profiting for all participants of the light water market.

Increasing production capacities on the existing site as well as in other regions of Russia and the world.

Maintaining profitability of the company and its partners by investing into fundamental science and as a consequence, in change of public opinion.

The overarching goal is replacement of all drinking water by light water. It means that limit estimates of the market should be based not on the amount of bottled water (20 liters person/year), but on the amount within 400-1000 liters/person/year. Perhaps this is not an agenda of this century, but today's consumers of light water will see this widespread change of water consumption patterns.


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