Recommendations for use

‘ViViDi’ light water with a low content of heavy water meets the requirements of conventional drinking water standards and has no restrictions on usage.

‘ViViDi’ can be useful for children and adults, for preventing health problems, as well as an aid in different situations.


If you can afford to drink more clean water then allow yourself to drink more clean water.

We recommend to consume ViViDi Snow or ViViDi Antarctica constantly.

You can buy our water in a pharmacy or order its delivery.


For children

A little growing person doesn’t need an extra burden of heavy water.

‘ViViDi’ water completely meets the standards for children's water which can be used from the first days of life. Does not require boiling, suitable for drinking from birth,cooking dairy dry mixes, cereals, tea, dilution and washing down medicines and vitamins.

We recommend using ‘ViViDi Snow’ water without restrictions.

If the child is anxious or moody, you can give him ‘ViViDi Antarctica’ twice a day preferably after meal.


Your daily aid

It is proved that light water improves a key function of the cell, which is responsible for energy, - the so-called cellular respiration. Therefore, it can be particularly useful in situations when a person needs additional energy.

‘ViViDi’ drinking water with low content of heavy water:

- effectively relieves fatigue;

- helps to withstand stress;

- gives energy for participation in sports where endurance and good coordination of movements are necessary. Especially effective for mature athletes and against fatigue;

 - maintains any activity related to concentration of attention (so we are able to withstand stress and think quickly)

Alcohol intake consequences:

Drinking during intoxication at least 0,5 liters of ‘ViViDi Antarctica’ 0,5-1 hour after alcohol intake works on the principle ‘money wasting’ (Where’s the point of drinking?). In other words, an adequacy of behavior appears and the coordination of movements improves.

Unfortunately, instrumentally measured intoxication parameters, such as alcohol content in blood and exhaled air do not decrease. After receiving support of ‘ViViDi’ water the brain simply begins to reduce the effects of alcohol. Then works the principle ‘more is not less’. The more light water you drink, the easier it will be to avoid a hangover.

We do not recommend mixing light water with alcohol, because our screening experiments yielded very inconsistent results on different people.



Of aging, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease.


If the disease is severe

Light water is not a medicine!

The best doctor for you is yourself. 

Many diseases are caused not by external enemies (such as bacteria or viruses), which could be eliminated by pharmacological means.

And this is the fundamental deadlock of the main directions in medicine of the last centuries.

The best strategy for treatment of many serious diseases is to supportan organism in its efforts to restore the health. 

Light water significantly reduces the organism’s stress. It increases the energy capacity of each cell and the organism in general.

For more information about the mechanism see the attached presentation (slides 11,16-19,25-36) or call our office in Moscow.

But much more important is that the effect of water is confirmed by case histories of thousands of patients, research articles and experiments on animals. It is important that the average lifetime of terminal patients multiply increases, and percent of the survived appears. It is important that patients with diabetes of the second type can observe normalization of blood sugar almost immediately after reception of light water. It is important that scientists from Oxford and Maastricht have shown conclusively that the light water works not worse than the strongest antidepressants, but has no side effects which are typical for them.

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