History of civilization and water

High quality of drinking water provides health, well-being and prosperity of the consumers. Poor quality of drinking water leads to epidemics, poor health and can cause degeneration of the population.

Our work today is to create a unique technology for removal an unwanted impurity – heavywater isotopologues. Our technology allows receiving actually pure Н2О by removing or significantly reducing the proportion of heavy water in drinking water.

Though before the industrial revolution water in rivers, lakes and springs was much cleaner, people still tried to clear it. The history of water purification goes back centuries.


Vividi en on Dipity.


Chronology of water purification

After the discovery of heavy water, it became clear that the natural water, depending on the place of origin, differs not only in composition and amount of substances dissolved in it, but in the water itself. Water is a mixture of water molecules, which may differ in isotopic composition.

During the last centuries people have learned to change composition and amount of dissolved impurities. But we need a special technology to remove heavy water, which prevents a person to be healthy. Just now we have a real opportunity to produce drinking water in which the amount of heavy water is significantly reduced, on an industrial scale.

For the last 300 000 years the contamination of water with deuterium changed with someregularity. Now the concentration of deuterium in water gradually decreases, and after some 30 thousand years natural water will be much lighter and less harmful. But for those who do not want to wait, we suggest to drink the ViViDi light water.

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